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SBHS Go-Kart Club’s Formula 1 Dreams

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ELECTRIC MOTOR SPORTS: (from left) Santa Barbara High’s Xavier Speer, Jeremy Knight, Liam Gallant, and Will Hahn. (Photo by: Paul Wellman)
Visitors to the Green Car Show at the Alameda Park Earth Day Festival in April may have noticed a pair of peculiar eco-friendly vehicles standing out amid the high-end Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf: two electric racing cars built by kids too young to drive. The vehicles run on two 12-volt batteries and can barely be heard as they zip around, but they cannot be found on any electric-car lot and aren’t even street legal. They are the work of the Santa Barbara High Electric Go-Kart Club, a group of four students quietly revving up a racing revolution.

Though their hobby of building and racing electric cars isn’t one most teens pursue, Will Hahn, Liam Gallant, Jeremy Knight, and Xavier Spears are already making a name for themselves. They were one of just six Southern California high school teams to participate in the Long Beach Formula E ePrix School Series, an electric Formula 1 car race for high schoolers that happened on April 4. A joint venture between the FIA (International Automobile Federation) and the nonprofit Greenpower Education Trust, the Long Beach race was the third in a series of five inaugural races held around the world, from Buenos Aires and Miami to Berlin and London.

Santa Barbara High was the only high school to come to Long Beach from beyond the borders of Los Angeles County, and that’s only due to the persistence of Will Hahn, the club’s 15-year-old leader. A sophomore, Hahn has been working on cars since the age of 3 with his father, Steve, the materials manager at Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District. Hahn the younger began racing carts by age 12 and founded the team late last year. With low funding and few opportunities to build a car, the club shared a passion but had no way to fulfill it — until the race came along.

“We didn’t really have any capability to build a car,” said Hahn. “It’s something we really wanted to do, but money plays a big role, and we didn’t have the money.” Fortunately, the Formula E race cost nothing, and the teams were supplied a metal chassis, a kit, instruction manual, and some assistance. “The day we got there, I just saw their faces light up,” Hahn said of his teammates, some of whom “hadn’t even turned a wrench really ever in their life.”

Gallant, a legal driver at 16, took on driving duties. The race got off to a good start, with the team holding second place, but turned disastrous when another team cut off their kart, damaging the steering column and nose. Gallant could barely hook a right turn on a circuit full of right turns, and the team plummeted to last place. “I told the other school they don’t know how to drive and that we’ll see them next year,” Hahn said. “We’re already looking above it.”

The Santa Barbara High Go-Kart Club is just one of 20 in the U.S. and 60 worldwide, but Hahn sees it as part of Santa Barbara’s eco-conscious history. “Without Santa Barbara and the ’68 oil spill, the whole environmentalist movement wouldn’t exist,” said Hahn, who believes their next project, once funded, could break acceleration records.

The four teens will probably also enjoy enthusiastic acceptances when college application time rolls around. A retired UCLA engineer professor who helped the team in Long Beach told them that many of his past engineering students couldn’t use a wrench, to which Hahn replied, “Well, we have some future students here who can sure as hell do that.”

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5 Tips For Preventing Damage To Your Car When Living By The Ocean

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Living near the ocean can be a dream come true, but it may not be as desirable when it comes to keeping your car in great condition. The salt air can be bad for your car, leading to the car rusting far quicker than in other climates. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to prevent your car from being damaged when living by the ocean.

Take Care of Prime and Paint

A new car will always be more resistant to damage that can occur from living by the ocean due to the new paint job. After your car has been driven for many years, it’s likely that the paint has begun to chip off and the sheen steadily disappears. By touching up on any areas with missing paint or taking your car in for a full paint job, you can provide an extra layer of defense towards the ocean air.

Wash and Wax Your Car Often

Even with a new coat of paint, your car can be vulnerable to rusting if you don’t make a habit of washing it. This is due to the fact that once salt and moisture has been allowed to sit on your car for an extended period, causing the car to rust. By learning how to wax your car and making a habit of car washes, you can keep your car looking good and prevent corrosion.

Get Repair Work Done Right Away

When you get in an accident or some damage is done to your car in any other way, the paint is often chipped off and there is exposed metal as a result. To keep rust away, you’ll need to make sure that you get a repair job arranged as soon as possible. This will ensure that any exposed metal is covered up right away so that rusting won’t occur.

Make a Garage a Priority

Keeping your car parked in a garage is the best way to prevent it from getting damaged since it keeps the car away from the elements. While a garage may not be available at your home, it might be a good idea to look into renting a separate garage.

Use a Car Cover for Long-Term Parking

If a garage is not an option for you, it can be helpful to buy a custom-fitted car cover to keep your car protected while outside. By keeping a cover on your car, you can reduce the exposure to the salt air that can lead to corrosion.

Preventing rust from causing damage to your car should be a priority when living near the ocean. By making special preparations and looking into additional ways to protect your car, you can ensure that the car is in good shape in the years to come. Talk to a professional at Prestigious Auto Body for more information.

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Paint Versus Car Wrap Options

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Car Vinyl Wrap Santa Barbara

Over time a car’s exterior can fade or suffer some dings and dents. Before owners sell or trade in their rides for something new, investing in a new color may be all that’s necessary to revitalize the look of the vehicle.

Changing the color of a car is not something every driver should try on their own. Such a task can be time-consuming, and it requires a good deal of skill to turn out looking good. Furthermore, painting a car involves a variety of different tools and equipment, from a spray gun, sander and buffer to specific types of enamel or acrylic paints.

After considering the work involved and the expense of investing in the equipment to get the job done right, many vehicle owners opt to hire a professional to change the color of their vehicles. Many service centers offer two options to change the look of a car or truck: painting and car wraps.

Paint Job

A professional paint job will yield an impressive result. A skilled auto painter can recommend the right type of automotive paint for your make and model and guide you in color selections. While there are hundreds of different color choices available, professionals also may be able to mix colors to create the custom look you desire.

Paint work may be done to match the existing color of the vehicle after accident repairs have been made. Or you may be tired with the color of your car and simply desire a change. Experienced service shops can offer these services and more. Other shops may specialize in custom paint jobs that may entail graphics, detail work or the blending of multiple colors to give the vehicle an airbrushed effect.

Custom painters are artists, and their work may be very detailed. Painting may demand your vehicle be off the road for a week or more, so its best to have an alternative travel plan. Also, be sure to investigate how painting will affect the value of the vehicle.

A paint job may end up depreciating the value of a resale because its changing the original vehicle permanently.

Car Wrap

Car wraps are typically made of high-quality vinyls that come in a bevy of different colors and styles. Wraps also can be used for custom graphics or to advertise businesses. The vinyl wrap completely covers the paint of the vehicle.

But because car wraps can be removed, they do not permanently change the vehicle and are therefore unlikely to affect its resale value. Car wrapping can take less time than a labor-intensive paint job. Some jobs can be completed in only two or three days.

Car wraps also may be the less expensive option if you’re not selecting a complicated, custom design. Many car wraps will last between five to seven years, which is on par with the life span of a professional paint job, which lasts five to 10 years.

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Here’s How McLaren Will Keep The Remaining 100 F1s Alive

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McLaren-F1-Crash Of the 106 McLaren F1s ever made, only six have been destroyed so far, to the best of our knowledge. McLaren Special Operations boss Paul Mackenzie told me how they intend to keep it that way. The first prototype burned to the ground in the Namibian desert while XP2 was used for crash tests. According to our resident F1 expert, the four lost customer cars were damaged “beyond repair” when the values were at or below the original MSRP, which was £650,000. Today, F1s sell for $12+ million. The first time I talked to McLaren’s Paul MacKenzie, he was at the Geneva Motor Show as the leader of the P1 development program. Last week, I sat down with him to talk about how MSO keeps McLaren’s fastest alive. By looking for stuff on eBay, for example. McLaren Special Operations is busier than ever. Most P1s were customized by their buyers, and 650S owners are also willing to spend more in return for something tailored to their taste. Since the X-1 was launched, it’s clear that their engineering department is big enough to make almost anything happen, but another important part of their business is maintenance. When somebody wants a new color on their P1, the car has to be shipped back to Woking and stripped back to the bare chassis. That has happened already, but the Texan car crashed on day one also went straight back to MSO. Repairing P1s is almost easy at this point. The car is so fresh that they have all the parts right at hand to bring them back in after an accident. Doing the same with the now 23-years-old F1s is a bit more challenging. See those headlight covers? Well, they don’t have any more of those. The side windows also ran out of stock, so for these parts, they had to remake the tooling. Even with the blueprints on the shelf, that’s one expensive hobby to have, but $1.4 million repair bills keep the business more than viable. Ending up with a cracked carbon tub like Mr. Atkinson is no problem either. Paul told me they just knock on the material like wheeltappers at a railway station, listen to the sounds, cut out the ill part and glue in a new one. The chassis remains just as rigid as before. Chassis number 072 that got flipped badly last summer in Italy is currently undergoing such a full restoration. They hit a tree, crashed the roof and one side of the car completely, but MSO will take car of that. So, where is the point of no return now? That’s because while engines can be rebuilt, glass can be recut and interiors can be re-trimmed, MSO’s next big challenge is fixing the F1’s electronics. While the F1 doesn’t use as many computers as a Toyota Camry nowadays, those few chips are already almost impossible to get. The good news is that since McLaren developed its own software back in the day, the coding part is covered. For housings and other hardware though, they even have browse through Ebay. You know, “for those big laptopy things”. You don’t want to think into how hard will it be to fix a P1 in 23 years… Original article posted on

Five Crazy Rare Barn Finds You Can Buy For Less Than $50,000

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Treasure hunting is something that we all value, almost instinctively. It’s always rewarding to unearth some forgotten relic of the past, that just happens to be supremely valuable. Today we take a look at five super-rare finds for the aspiring collector, under a 50 grand budget.

5. 1970 Jaguar E-Type Series II Fixed Head Coupe

Here Are Five Crazy Rare Barn Finds You Can Buy For Less Than $50,000

The Jaguar E-type was considered by Enzo Ferrari to be the most beautiful car ever made, and I can’t disagree with him. This great example of a Fixed Head Coupe (FHC) is a rare and original survivor car with 39k miles on the clock and currently hovering around $34,000 with a few days left in the auction, with the reserve still on. I’d wager that it goes for just under $50k, with the market exploding in short order in the next few years, making this a six figure car all day, every day. Don’t even wipe the dust off and collect a check. That’s how grandpa would’ve done it.

4. 1964 Pontiac GTO

Here Are Five Crazy Rare Barn Finds You Can Buy For Less Than $50,000

An original 389 Tri-Power Pontiac GTO, restored and in good shape can fetch big money, especially with a four-on-the-floor manual like this one has. Obviously this one needs a little bit of reconditioning, but even so, apart from some surface rust, the frame and floor pans look solid and ready for media blasting. At the time of writing, the car’s still below a five figure price tag, so it should be an affordable way of getting a rare classic cheaply. Take it apart, shine it up, and put it back together.

3. 1957 Jaguar XK140

Here Are Five Crazy Rare Barn Finds You Can Buy For Less Than $50,000

Before the E-type came the magnificent XK line of cars, which were actually the world-beating Bugatti Veyrons of their day. Before the United Kingdom had speed limits on their roads, Jaguar would test out their car’s top speeds in the middle of the night, on the highway. That’s how crazy car manufacturers were in the ’50s. Needless to say, this kind of insanity and innovative, carefree and careless attitude made the XK one of the best looking and most desirable classics to date. This one, needing minor reconditioning, should go well under the $50k budget, even though there’s still a fair amount of time left before the auction closes. Sorted versions of this iconic and popular car can fetch more than $120,000, so keep your eyes peeled for this, as it may be one hell of a bargain.

2. 1956 Porsche 356A T2 Coupe

Here Are Five Crazy Rare Barn Finds You Can Buy For Less Than $50,000

Make Jerry Seinfeld jealous with this hand-made Porsche 356 barn find. It’ll need work from the improperly sanded and patched front body panels, and at almost $30k with some time left in the auction, it’s not cheap, but prices for cars in worse condition are already reaching astronimical heights, due to their popularity with enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone who wants to drive a refined vintage daily driver. I can’t say that it’ll be a cheap or quick fix to get it to showroom condition, but it’s very likely any restoration money will be recouped at sale time, that is, if you can manage to let go of such a rare gem.

1. 1983 Pontiac Trans Am WS6

Here Are Five Crazy Rare Barn Finds You Can Buy For Less Than $50,000

This Pontiac Trans Am is an actual time capsule. It’s nearly brand new, stored away for 30 years. With less than 6,000 miles on the clock and full documentation including original dealer invoices, I’m not sure it gets more barn-findy than this. It’s a modern classic for sure, and with the addition of the L69 HO V8 and manual gearbox and 3.73:1 gears, it makes it a rarity in the Firebird range, with a little more than 600 ever made, according to the seller. At the time of writing, the bidding is less than $10,000, but the reserve is still on. I’m curious to see where it’ll end, as the market for these cars has steadily risen over the last few years. This is as good as it’s going to get, so get it while the gettin’s good.

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