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Getting an Auto Body Repair Estimate in Santa Barbara

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Dinged-Up-Auto-Body-Repair-Santa-Barbara Getting an auto body repair estimate in Santa Barbara is an important first step to fixing a damaged vehicle. Whether you’re looking to correct damages caused by an accident or vandalism, an estimate is a valuable tool that can help you select repair services within your budget. Yet with all the different auto body shops and specialists available in Santa Barbara and Goleta, getting a fair and accurate repair estimate can seem overwhelming. Knowing the steps to take and what to look for in a reliable shop can make the repair process easier and help you get an estimate that meets your needs. Step 1: Speak with your insurance company It is important to talk to your insurance company before getting an estimate. Confirm any requirements they have on repair estimates, and obtain a list of approved repair shops that provide estimates to their specifications. If you already have a Santa Barbara auto body shop in mind, check to see if they’re approved by your insurance. Many state laws prevent insurance companies from requiring consumers to use any one specific repair shop. However, knowing your insurance company’s requirements for estimates is a key part of the repair process. Step 2: Shop Around Even with insurance, auto body repairs in can be expensive. That’s why it pays to get estimates from more than one auto body shop in Santa Barbara. When speaking with a specialist, take notes of what repairs they recommend and the projected costs of the parts and labor. It’s also important to get an initial estimate in writing, and to confirm if any additional costs will be included in a supplemental estimate. The Internet can also be a helpful tool for comparing estimates. Sites like compile estimate reports based on your region, vehicle make and model, and the damage. Step 3: Know What to Look For Get to know the repair shops before finalizing your selection. Look for professionals who answer your questions as well as take time to explain what’s needed to fix your car and how much it will cost. Research can also be helpful in selecting a repair shop. Visit your local Better Business Bureau website for any complaints filed against a specific auto body shop. In addition, Assured Performance Collision Care is an online resource that lists repair shops throughout the country that meet important standards of performance and professionalism. Dealing with a car damaged in an accident or by vandalism is stressful. However, with preparation and planning, the search for an auto body repair in Santa Barbara doesn’t have to be. During visits to different auto body shops confirm information and ask questions before signing off on any initial estimates. Taking time to research repair businesses through available online resources can help you find a fair and accurate estimate from a reliable auto body specialist. Original article sourced from

5 Things to Know About Auto Body Repair in Santa Barbara

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Car-Dent-Auto-Body-Santa-Barbara Fixing that ding, dent or scrape is costly and time-consuming – but it’s worse when the auto body repair isn’t done correctly and you need to have the original work redone. Poor auto body repair in Santa Barbara will also reduce your ability to sell or trade in your car for a top price. That’s why it’s crucial to educate yourself before you entrust your car to an autobody repair shop in Santa Barbara. These five things will help you choose the right bodywork shop:
  • Choose a body shop carefully. You want to make sure you have quality work at a reasonable price and any available warranty to cover the work. The best way to do so is to find the shop’s certifications and associations. The National Auto body Council (, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists ( and the Autobody Craftsman Association ( are good places to start. Your local consumer protection council or Better Business Bureau can also help you determine which shop is a good fit for your needs. Of course, be sure to ask for references, too.
  • Ask for a detailed plan on how the repair will be completed. One of the ways that auto experts can tell a car was repainted is through paint splatter on window sills and on other auto body parts. Scratches that indicate sanding is also a tip off that the car was repainted. Ask for a detailed account of how the car’s auto body work will be done. For example, will parts near the damaged area be removed during the work so that they are not damaged or spattered with paint? Don’t forget about door handles, nuts, bolts and logos. Also, ask where the parts that are removed will be stored. You want to be sure they’re protected. The auto body repair service in Santa Barbara may note that masking — covering body parts that are near the area that is being fixed — is preferable. Ask why and be sure you’re comfortable with the answer. If not, go elsewhere.
  • Find out how paint will be removed. There are various methods for removing car paint, including sanding and chemical removal. It is important to use the least aggressive paint removal method to ensure the car’s body is treated as gently as possible. Talk to the auto body repair shop specialists in Santa Barbara and find out how they determine what method is used and why. Also, be sure to ask how much paint will be removed and why.
  • Don’t leave paint matching or parts to chance. All of the apologies and refunds in the world won’t make up for a paint job that is a few shades off. Paint matching is one of the most difficult tasks done in an auto body repair shop. Find out what system the auto body shop uses to ensure your paint match is exact. The same holds true with parts. Don’t assume that the shop will use all new parts. Ask and make sure the parts don’t come from a junkyard or other car.
  • Get all estimates in writing. Make sure to spell out exactly what will be done, what parts will be used, how paints will be chosen, and of course what time frame is needed to complete the repair.
While car bodywork repair can seem like a mystifying process, it helps to be well informed and proactive when taking your car in for repairs. By following the advice above, you’ll have a much better chance of getting the repairs done right. Original article sourced from

Auto Paint Repair in Santa Barbara

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Auto-Paint-Repair-Santa-Barbara For most people, the topic of repairing car paint in Santa Barbara can stir up a wide range of mixed emotions. Our cars are important to us. They say something about our personalities and who we are as people, and we want them to look their best. Equally important is saving money on repairs and having the job done right. Knowing a thing or two about the type of repairs needed, the different types of paint used, how to choose a quality body shop in Santa Barbara and avoid overpaying on repairs whether minor or extensive, can help owners make decisions on what they need at an agreeable price. Paint jobs can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on the kind of paint as well as the type of car to be repaired. Minor cosmetic defects sometimes can be remedied by those who have a knack for do-it-yourself repairs, but some may require the expertise of trained auto body repair specialists. Sports cars with striping and decal trim can add to the bottom line, as will metallic paints and special colors. Generally speaking, these paint repair jobs are best left to the professionals who can match paints and finishes so that the repaired area blends in seamlessly. Depending upon the extent of the damage, normal rock chips, scratches and rust spots can be repaired quickly and easily by the owner with touch up paint or rust kits. Touch up paint is usually specific to the make and model of the vehicle, and can be found among the car’s specifications. Kits can be purchased online or in auto parts stores and dealerships, often with easy to follow instructions. There are many techniques and products available to the average consumer which one can use to perform the repairs themselves and save money. Original article sourced from

The Dangers of Getting Cheap High Impact Collision Auto Repair in Santa Barbara

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Prestigious Auto Body Collision Repair
Being involved in a high impact collision is a scary experience, and the aftermath of the accident is often sometimes just as scary. It can be very confusing when dealing with insurance companies, claim adjusters and mechanics, especially if you have limited automotive knowledge. How do you know where to go to get your car repaired in Santa Barbara? How do you know if you are getting ripped off? How are you going to pay for the repairs? These questions are not easily answered. But one bit of advice given universally, is to not go the cheap route when getting repairs on a car that was in a high impact collision. There are many dangers associated with getting sub par repair work done on a car that was severely damaged. This article will walk you through these dangers.
Danger #1: Mechanic may not be Trained in High Impact Collision Repairs
High impact collision repairs require a higher level of mechanical knowledge. Make sure the Santa Barbara mechanic you hire has experience working on cars that have been in high impact collisions. When a car has been severely damaged, the problem lies not just in what is currently wrong with the car, but what problems can occur later on as a result of the initial damage. A good mechanic understands how all of the parts of a car work together and how to diagnose and fix any problems.
Danger #2: Your Insurance Company may not Pay for Repairs Performed by Unapproved Mechanics
When you hire a mechanic to get your car repaired in Santa Barbara, you need to be sure that your insurance company is willing to work with that mechanic. When you call your insurance company after an accident, they will recommend a mechanic for you. Most plans do not require you go to the recommended mechanic, but if you decide to go elsewhere, you should call your insurance company and ask if they will work with the place you chose. To reduce the risk of you getting into another accident, the insurance company wants to make sure you are taking the car to a reputable mechanic.
Danger #3: Your Safety will be Compromised
The most important factor here is your own personal safety. With high impact collision auto repair in Santa Barbara, costs can be high and the estimates can scare people into running out and finding the cheapest mechanic around. It is understandable people would be frightened by the prospect of having to pay hundreds–even thousands–of dollars they may not have to spend. But nothing is more important than your health and safety. If you don’t have the money for the repairs and can possibly go without the car for a while while you save up money for quality repairs, do so. If you need to have the car fixed right away, ask your mechanic about the possibility of a payment plan. Anything is better than receiving poor maintenance.
These are the basic dangers associated with cheap high impact collision auto repair in Santa Barbara. Make sure you get your car repaired by a reputable mechanic. You don’t want to risk an auto breakdown!
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The Best Kind of Repair Shop

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Often during Tom Torbjornsen’s radio show he gets the question, “Should I take my vehicle to a dealer, a local independent shop, or a specialist?” It’s a good question, but the answer depends on various factors.

Time To Head To The Dealer

The dealership is obviously the place to go when the vehicle is under warranty. It’s common sense to have repairs done that are under warranty. If you take your new car that’s under warranty for repairs to shops other than the dealership, problems can arise when it comes time for a warranty claim. In this scenario, warranty coverage can be denied if the shop used non-OEM (original equipment) parts or if accessories were installed which compromise the vehicle in a way that could void the warranty. If the vehicle is out of warranty then it’s a matter of where you are comfortable taking your car. Philosophy of old suggests that car dealers always charge more, but that’s not the case any more. Having experienced decreased profits from the sale of new and used cars in recent years, car dealers have stepped up their efforts on the service front. Thus, they are quite competitive in the retail repair business. Comparison-shopping reveals that automotive repair and general maintenance pricing are about the same at dealerships and independent shops. In addition, dealers commonly offer nationwide warranty coverage for their services, which is a big plus in their column. There are several reasons cited for why some people avoid the dealerships for repairs and maintenance: Perceived higher pricing, non-personal service and attention to customers, less recourse in the event of a problem, and technicians paid on a flat-rate basis. However, there are other considerations. For example, when there is a recall on your particular year, make, and model vehicle you may not be able to get coverage from anyone other than the dealership. Finally, consider the fact that the techs at dealerships work on the same makes every day and, more often than not, this enables the tech to diagnose the problem more efficiently because they see the same problems over and over, and become more proficient doing those repairs.

Seeking Out An Independent

Independent repair facilities tend to be woven into the fabric of a community. Oftentimes the owner comes from the neighborhood he or she lives in and knows many people in the community. This gives independents a high grade for the personal touch, generating feelings of trust and comfort with their customers. However, in the past there was a major problem with the independent shop. They didn’t have access to the tools, information, and technical training compared to the car dealers (not to mention the dealers’ access to “inside” information from the carmaker) and thus they weren’t able to maintain and repair current model vehicles as well. But this disadvantage no longer exists, as independent shops now have access to a number of information services, scan tools and software programs capable of accessing vehicular data, as well as factory-like automotive repair training available to technicians of independent shops. The caveat when selecting an independent repair facility? Making sure they actually have these tools, information, and trained technicians. Monikers and shingles to look for when selecting an independent shop are: AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility, ASA (Automotive Service Association), iATN (International Automotive Technicians Network), and ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence). Membership in these associations means that the business and technicians invest in up-to-date, state-of-the-art equipment and repair information. Ask to see the training certificates from the techs. If they have the credentials, they are most likely keeping abreast with updated training. So when should you consider taking your vehicle to an independent repair shop? After the warranty on your new car has expired, if you feel more comfortable with the independent shop versus the dealer, go for it. Independent shops are often more convenient because they can turn a repair around faster than the dealer that might be backlogged a week or two. Maybe you want to experience the benefits of developing a personal relationship with your service provider, so that you feel like you are doing business with a friend. For many of us, that goes a long way. Shops that want to develop relationships with their customers will usually keep thorough records of your vehicle’s repair history, so that a repeat problem or other patterns can be diagnosed quickly and accurately.

The Specialist

Specialty automotive repair shops come in lots of flavors: transmission and drivetrain specialists, HVAC (heating, ventilation, & air conditioning), electronics & drivability, radiator and cooling systems, under car (brakes, front end, tires, wheels, steering/suspension), and foreign car repair. But why would you go to a specialty shop? Simple: When no one else can fix your specific problem. Specialists are recognized experts in their field and you want to take advantage of that expertise to get the best possible job done. Typically, specialists have the specialized tools, equipment, and knowledge to render an effective and accurate repair in the shortest time possible. Not only do they have the specific knowledge and training needed for the job, but they also deal with the same types of repairs over and over. They understand the idiosyncrasies of the vehicle and/or problem better than most other general repair professionals. Often these sorts of shops will actually work as subcontractors to general repair facilities, including dealers. Article sourced from


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