1) How much is this going to cost me?

If you are insured and going through your insurance company the only expense you should experience is your deductible, this is paid to Prestigious either when you drop off your vehicle for repairs or before you pick up your vehicle and approve of the repairs completed. If you are a claimant (someone not at fault for the loss and the repairs are being paid by another party) your out of pocket expense should be nothing. We do offer other services, washes and waxes, full details, headlamp reconditioning, paint chip touch up, 4 wheel alignments, A/C recharging, which you may elect to also have done while your vehicle is having repairs done but those are optional.

2) Who is at fault, because it wasn’t my fault.

Normally this is determined by a simple police report and your insurance company’s review of that report. Most of the time liability is easy to determine, and your insurance company has a vested interest n ensuring your not found at fault if the loss was not your responsibility. Sometimes this takes more than a simple phone call and may take multiple calls and days to get this resolved. Once you decide you would like us to do the repairs to your vehicle all you need to do is file a claim and give us the name of your insurance company and the claim number and we will do the rest.

3) How can I save having to pay my deductible?

Normally you have a contractual and legal obligation to pay your deductible first before your insurance company pays their portion of any claim. A shop that tells you they can make sure you will not have to pay your deductible could be committing fraud and possibly open both themselves and you up to legal action including fines and jail time. On most claims with most insurance companies there are ways to legally reduce/entirely eliminate your deductible. One of those ways is through appearance allowances. Ask the Damage Analyst handling your claim here at Prestigious and they can answer how we can assist you in this.

3) I want a perfect repair. How can I make sure my repairs are perfect?

Perfection is what we aspire to when we restore your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. However, perfection is rarely achieved and that is because all cars when they leave the factory are built within tolerances. That means no vehicle is exactly the same as another, but within a certain tolerance, normally 2-3 millimeters. What we do guarantee is that your vehicle will be restored back to its pre-accident condition. Here at Prestigious we measure and re-measure and then document that whenever possible through computers, and if your vehicles uni-structure, frame or suspension were damaged we will give you copies of the before and after measurements to ensure your vehicle is returned to you within its factory specs. And we back up all of our repairs with a written lifetime guarantee.

4) Color match is my major concern. How can I make sure I have a perfect color match?

We employee a certified, Axalta color matching expert. Every vehicles paint is computer mixed and then hand toned to ensure a seamless paint job is achieved. We are the only repair facility that employs a full time master paint matcher. We guarantee you will be happy with the color match on your vehicle or we will redo our work until you are.

5) Why is it when I look at the color on my bumper it does not match the color on my car?

Most cars bumpers do not match the paint on the rest of the vehicle. This is true for most plastic parts on your vehicle when compared to the rest of rest of your vehicle. Why is this? Because from the factory the plastic parts are painted at a different time with a different product that causes the metallic/pearl to not lay in the same direction as the rest of the paint giving it a “flop” or to look different at different angles.

6) I cannot have my car repaired because I need to drive it every day. How can I get my car repaired if I need to use it every day?

If you are a claimant, the responsible party will pay for a rental car while your vehicle is under repairs. IF you are paying for the repairs and don’t have rental coverage, we can get you excellent rates for rentals as we have a major rental car company on our property. If you can’t afford a rental car, just ask us how we can assist. Many repairs, if staged properly can be completed in one or two days.

7) I don’t want any of my parts repaired, I want all the parts damaged on my vehicle to be replaced. That is the best option right?

No not always. Normally the parts on your car can be repaired faster than replacing and in a less invasive manner. When we review the damage to your vehicle we will take every method of repair into consideration and give you options when available. Remember we give a lifetime guarantee on all of our repairs. We will only offer the repair process we have determined to the best way to repair your vehicle and be able to give you a lifetime guarantee.

8) I want only OEM parts put on my vehicle. You use only OEM parts right?

We prefer using only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. However sometimes your insurance policy will state that your insurance company is the one to decide which parts they will repair your vehicle with. Ask us and we can walk you through this process of how to best repair your vehicle and what parts are best as every vehicle and insurance repair is different.

9) Why does it take so long to repair a vehicle? I mean it does take a long time to get my car fixed right?

Not always. Our repair facility has been recognized by multiple customers and insurance companies for having some of the shortest cycle times (repair times) in the industry. Most repairs being completed in less than a week. We try and stage every repair to reduce parts delays and cost to return your vehicle back to you in as timely a manner as possible, Timeliness of repairs is critical to us, but our foremost concern is quality of repairs a poorly repaired vehicle returned to you in record time is NEVER an option.

10) What is the quickest way to get my vehicle repairs done?

Contact us to set up and appointment to diagnose the damages on your vehicle. If you feel comfortable with our diagnosis of the damage to your vehicle we will arrange for transportation back to your home, school, office, etc.. and then we will process the claim with your insurance company. We are a preferred repair facility for many insurance companies as well as dealerships in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area. We will handle everything for you.



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